Nanjgel Solutions signs Distribution Agreement with odix in EMEA

Nanjgel Solutions Enters Strategic Partnership with odix to offer Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Products, and expand odix’s footprint across the EMEA region

August 8th, 2023, (London, UK) – Nanjgel Solutions FZ-LLC, A leading CyberSecurity Solutions Provider has announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with odix, an established cyber security provider in Deep File Analysis and Zero Trust technologies to expand its footprint in EMEA.
In today’s digital landscape, malware poses a significant threat, causing severe damage to businesses, compromising critical infrastructure, and putting user data at risk from various malicious entities. With the seemingly never-ending cyber assault on businesses and government alike, the need to protect users and data from malware and cybercriminals has never been more essential. Most cyber-attacks start with malicious code embedded either in an innocent-looking file or with a phishing link. odix technology emerges as an unparalleled solution for robust malware prevention, offering comprehensive protection against file-based attacks.
odix’s patented Deep File Analysis technology containing CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) algorithms disarms malicious code from embedded files in an instant. The concept is simple, rather than detecting the malware- like a traditional antivirus or sandbox system -, odix purges all malicious elements nested in file attachments, and produces a fully accessible and malware-free copy of the file for the use, all within the blink of an eye.
“We are extremely excited to partner with odix because they are not only the greatest & the best when it comes to Files scanning & prevention but what makes them unique is their patent with Content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) also known as Threat Extraction, proactively protecting against known & unknown threats contained in documents by removing executable content. The solution is unique because it doesn’t only depend on detection like most security vendors solutions but their PATENT & accuracy in reconstructing the files is what sets them apart. Our client would certainly benefit from the value that odix can provide from day one & thus we call them the Zero Day for File Management.”
“Nanjgel Solutions is commitment to providing maximum information security protection in a layered architecture with world-class resources makes them an ideal partner, The market of cybersecurity is becoming quite crowded. We are pleased to have found such a deeply experienced partner in Nanjgel Solutions. They are truly committed to protecting clients’ most valuable assets and have deep expertise in a variety of tools.”

About odix

odix, an established cyber security provider specializing in Zero Trust solutions, offering advanced preventative cybersecurity solutions to enterprises of all sizes. odix innovative technologies enable businesses to adopt a unique Zero Trust approach by ensuring a Trusted Secured Session to its users while contonuesly validating the devices, apps and the network security score (public/private/WiFi).
With a primary focus on safeguarding remote access and facilitating secured data collaboration utilizing odix’s patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, odix creates a new holistic Zero Trust approach mitigating potential threats across multiple environments, while ensuring robust cybersecurity measures.
odix solutions are trusted by enterprises in diverse sectors such as industrial, finance, insurance, government, and others. odix operates from its headquarters in Israel and regional offices in USA and Europe.

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About Nanjgel Solutions

Nanjgel Solutions is pioneered in delivering high-end information security needs of regional organizations by integrating best-of-breed solutions from top class vendors, along with their technical expertise and consultancy services. Nanjgel Solutions present in Middle East, Europe & India with over 12 strategic partners & alliances to address the diversified requirements of enterprises across the world.

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